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Pics of the 46 coupe. 

1946/1947 Ford Coupe. Set up for SBC. Engine is set back for racing. Stock 1946/47 frame and front axle. Hairpins have been split. Has newer bakes, Olds rearend, Ford Ranger master cylinder. Currently has chevy 327 with 4 speed transmission, hydralic clutch. Will sell or trade with or without motor. Motor is 350 block with 327 large journal crank. Engine has been bored +.030" and balanced. Heads are 350 heads. Has 4bbl intake. Rods are 5140 i-beam, pistons are fully machined speed pro, cam is .480 lift. Has lightened corvette flywheel, blowproof bellhousing, and new hurst 4-speed shifter. Would like $5500 for car as turnkey, or $3000 as roller. Lets deal (can package up with extra 327 engines or quick change rear), or make me a resonable offer. Thanks for looking!

drive side pass side drive rear pass rear interior

Other Item For Sale!

Franklin quick change rearend. The rear features aluminum center section, with steel axle tubes. asking $800 obo.

1953 ford pu front axle and springs. Assembly contains all the draglinks and tierods. Has new brake shoes. asking $75 obo.

1979 Chevy turbo 400 transmission. Came out of a 1979 1 ton 4x4. Bought this from Hansen's Salvage. Paid $250, will take $200 for it.

Chevy 327 
Block Number: 3782870
Block ID:     VII07SA
Date Code:    J272
This engine is a small journal 1962 327. The numbers reference as a fullsize car with A/C and a powerglide transmission. The engine is bored +.060" with a mild cam. The heads are 58cc chambers from a late 70's 305. Has 7qt oil pan. Was run in my 1934 ford for 3 nights then I sold the car. Asking $700 obo.

Chevy 327
Block Number:  3782870
Block ID:      F0219U
Date Code:     ???
This engine is a small journal 327 and was pulled from a mid 1960's chevy truck. I don't have the date code off hand. Turns over freely. Complete from oilpan to carb. Even has a set of ram horn exhaust manifolds on it. Asking $500 obo.

Block Number:  3914678
Block ID:      V03IIYV
Date Code:     ???
This is a large journal 327. The numbers reference as a 1968 C-10 with M/T, 4bbl, and 220hp. This is a short block only. Asking $350 obo.

I have a 302 with a C4 tranny. I took this out of a mustang II. Has aluminium intake. Complete except for carb. Asking $500 obo.

Rims and Tires

Aluminium direction wheels. I beleive all 4 are 14x7 inch. The also have almost new tread on the tire. These will fit any rear drive 4 lug Ford. $200 obo.

drive side drive side