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1978 Ford Mustang II...   For sale as parts or complete. 

It has a 8 inch rear with traction bars, and t-tops. The car is mostly complete, missing only some parts. The body has no thru rust, only surface spots. All glass is intact expect the wind shield.  

Click the text below to view some pics of the car.

Suspension: leftfront.jpg, leftfront2.jpg, leftrear.jpg, rightfront.jpg, rightfront2.jpg, rightrear.jpg

Interior/Cage:  battery.jpg, cage.jpg, cockpit.jpg, cockpit2.jpg, fuelcell.jpg

Profile Pics:  front.jpg, front2.jpg, leftside.jpg, rightside.jpg, opendoor.jpg, rear.jpg

This car sold as is, no title, bill of sale only. $500.00  Email

Mustang Rims for sale: 390mm X 150mm with Brand New Michelin Tires. $300.00  Email

Mustang GT rearend for sale: 7.5" from 1983 Mustang. Posi with 3.43 gears and lakewood traction bars. $250.00  Email