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34 Ford Stockcar...   sell as a roller or various stage of completion. 

She has a 9 inch rear with 5.14:1 gears, 31 spline mini-spool, aluminium racing seat, 3 inch belts (only 4 years old), parallel leafs on all four corners, and a 12 gallon fuel cell.  

Click the text below to view some pics of the car.

Suspension: leftfront.jpg, leftfront2.jpg, leftrear.jpg, rightfront.jpg, rightfront2.jpg, rightrear.jpg

Interior/Cage:  battery.jpg, cage.jpg, cockpit.jpg, cockpit2.jpg, fuelcell.jpg

Profile Pics:  front.jpg, front2.jpg, leftside.jpg, rightside.jpg, opendoor.jpg, rear.jpg

This car has too much to list.  Email