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Hello, I am GOTRA66.  I am a self professed Geek. I am full of useless knowledge and trivia. I don't want to bore anyone here with that stuff. I have always had an interest in stock cars and racing. Got into vintage stock cars several years ago. Haven't had much time or money for them lately.

I am half of the BACKYARD RACING TEAM. As you may have guessed, the name was developed because of where the cars used to be built. We now have a dedicated facility I currently have two cars. My first car is a 1934 Ford 2 door sedan. It currently has a Chevy 327 + .030, forged pistons, 480 lift cam, and other goodies to assist it around the track.  I also have a 1947 Ford Coupe. It currently has a Ford 300 L6 (which will be changed to a Chevy 327 as well).

Please check out my Build Page 1 to see the building of the '34 sedan, and my Build Page 2 for the building of the '47 coupe.